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Calling PLSQL from Javascript

For those who came from an Oracle Forms world it is very easy to start working with APEX. When creating simple screens, you don’t need any jQuery or AJAX knowledge as dynamic actions help you. However, there comes a point where applications get more complex and we...

What is the Oracle Forms Standalone Launcher?

I recently attended the Tech 18 conference in Liverpool and sat in on a few Forms presentations where the new Oracle Forms Standalone Launcher (FSAL) was mentioned. As an Oracle developer who has spent many years working with Oracle Forms I was interested to know more...

Apiary and APEX

More and more projects I work on at the minute make use of RESTful Web Services. These can either be a way of exposing our own data or a way to make use of data from external systems.  They are easy to create in the Oracle Database to surface your own data – check out...

Creating an Online Leaderboard in APEX

In my spare time I like to play around with creating video games in technologies other than Oracle (!).  I recently created a game for an online community that I participate in and I was asked whether I could create a leader board to go with it.  I had never done this...

Case Study: Generis Technology Ltd

For the past 16 years, Generis Technology Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the global Landis+Gyr Group, has supplied a suite of applications under the B-Smart brand which supports interaction in deregulated energy markets. Utilising an Oracle Forms user interface,...

APEX Report Performance

Recently at the UKOUG TECH18 Conference I gave a presentation entitled ‘Choosing the Right Report & Features to Give your Users when Presenting Data in an APEX Application’ which you can read more about here. During the presentation, one of the common problems...

Making an APEX Wizard Clickable

Recently I was at the Tech 18 conference in Liverpool where I went to an APEX presentation by Adrian Trotman on the power of lists. During his presentation (which was good by the way), he gave out a challenge to the room. He asked if anyone could make the wizard list...

OCEAN: A Methodology for Oracle Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Deployments [Video]

There are a number of market trends impacting the rate and success of Cloud adoption for Oracle workloads, not least the co-existence of on-premise infrastructure with multiple cloud service providers. These Multi and Hybrid-Cloud trends are creating challenges for...

Choosing the Right Report and Features to Give Your Users When Presenting Data in an APEX Application

At a conference some time ago I was asked a question on enabled options on reports in an APEX application with regards what built-in functions should be enabled for the users. When I started thinking about the topic, I realised that the answer isn’t as simple as it...


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