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Making an APEX Wizard Clickable

Recently I was at the Tech 18 conference in Liverpool where I went to an APEX presentation by Adrian Trotman on the power of lists. During his presentation (which was good by the way), he gave out a challenge to the room. He asked if anyone could make the wizard list...

UK OUG Tech18 APEX State Of The Union

If, like me, you attended UK OUG’s Tech18 conference at ACC Liverpool  and have a particular interest in Application Express, you may well have attended Joel Kallman’s “State Of The Union” address. This blog is a review of Joel’s presentation, and of the key messages...

Application Archive for Presentations

For my Tech18 presentation ‘The Numerous options for APEX 18.1 Interactive Grid Validation” I needed to prepare a deck of slides and a demo APEX application in which I can quickly switch to. During rehearsals I need to place the APEX application in its “starting...

APEX Plugins for Beginners

One of the great features of APEX is the possibility to import JavaScript plugins and css libraries into the application, just by referencing an external link or uploading a .js file. There are several JavaScript plugins available online that can be used to easily add...

When Forms to APEX Projects get thorny

Oracle Forms and Oracle Application Express (APEX) are both technologies used to build data centric applications. APEX uses the best of the modern web to create native web applications. Oracle Forms uses NPAPI plugins relying on Java technologies to render the page....

Undocumented IG Features

I’ve blogged quite a bit on the Interactive Grid and the vast array of features; some features are technically available for use in your applications however they are not documented – more on what this means later. Before I dig in, let’s not forget the Interactive...

Customising Workspace Login

Ever logged in to an APEX Workspace using a page that looked like this…? Well this is the login page now presented to me when I log in to my local version of APEX running on a Docker instance of my laptop. But why would I do such a thing? And what’s the purpose of the...

OCEAN: A Methodology for Oracle Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Deployments [Video]

There are a number of market trends impacting the rate and success of Cloud adoption for Oracle workloads, not least the co-existence of on-premise infrastructure with multiple cloud service providers. These Multi and Hybrid-Cloud trends are creating challenges for...


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