For over 25 years, Explorer’s team of Oracle Architects and Technical Consultants have been helping customers maximise their investment in Oracle technology.

In that time, Explorer has become the leading Oracle Engineered System practice in the UK providing Oracle accredited implementation services for customers looking at cost effective alternatives to Oracle Advanced Consulting Services (ACS).


Explorer wins Exadata Partner of the Year at 2020 Oracle Partner Awards!

Our Engineered Systems services catalogue covers Design & Readiness, Deployment & Optimisation, Migrations and on-going support services for Oracle Engineered Systems such as Exadata, ZFS Storage, Private Cloud Appliance (PCA), Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) and many others.

Each service is available as either “Fixed Price”, “Credit Pool” or “Managed Service” and cost savings over Oracle ACS range between 50% and 75%, often including travel and expenses.

In 2019, Explorer were invited to bid to provide Exadata and ZFS installation services, as well as providing migration and upgrade services. Explorer’s proposal was 50% the cost of Oracle ACS and provided the customer more assurances on delivery and outcomes. In summary, 75TB of data was migrated from old platforms to Exadata and ZFS, more than 130 Databases migrated and all systems were provisioned, patched and optimised. The project took 5 months to complete and was ahead of schedule.

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