Data Analytics FAQs

Data Analytics FAQs


In 2017, Oracle moved to the cloud first approach, this introduced Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS), before quickly becoming Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). This new breed of business intelligence now enables static and dynamic dashboards, integrated data preparation, data discovery (with advanced exploration and augmented analytics) and real time analysis to be used across businesses – centrally and departmental.

2 main reasons – Cost and Scalability. On premise implementations including the necessary hardware and experienced architects to deliver such implementations, will require heavier spending of both money and time in comparison to cloud. Cloud will not eliminate all costs but will significantly reduce them. Oracle Cloud Platforms offer total scalability. Businesses can access storage space as required when demand has increased. Virtual servers can also be deployed in Oracle Cloud within minutes and business only pay for the space they are actually using. There is no downtime to scaling in Oracle Cloud either, so business users see no impact to service and can continue to use the analytics platform while more storage is being added.

Latency and location of the data set. Public cloud may not be a good fit for all your data and applications reside on premise, due to data residency, compliance or other regulatory requirements. This issue can be solved by moving the data set closer to the edge of the Cloud services where your Data Analytics are performed. We call this Cloud Adjacency. For more information, click here.

OAC and ADW are heavily integrated to provide rapid deployment of both environments in less than 30 minutes. Once provisioned, OAC leverages the ADW platform (Exadata) to provide incredible performance and limitless scale for data warehouse requirements. With the ability to scale up and down at the click of a button, there is no downtime and a reported 99.995% availability, which is the equivalent of < 30 minutes planned/unplanned downtime per year. Database security is paramount in Oracle Cloud so ADW is a hardened database configuration, including encryption and strong user authentication.

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