Exadata Optimisation and Modernisation

If you’ve already made the investment in Exadata to run your mission critical databases, you have already made the conscious decision that Oracle is important to your business.

That decision might have been made purely on performance, or scaling out your business, or consolidating multi-vendor hardware stacks to create operational efficiency; whatever the reason it’s important to keep up to date with the latest innovations as your Exadata platforms age so that when the time is right you know what options you have.

Explorer is #1 Exadata partner in the UK and was voted the 2020 Exadata Partner of the Year by Oracle – testament to our experience and focus in the UK – therefore if you’re considering modernising or optimising your Exadata estate there are a number of ways Explorer can help you.

How we can help you

Exadata & Database Managed Services

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Our Exadata services are second to none and we integrate full stack monitoring and analytics to predict and prevent issues impacting business continuity.

Exadata Health checks

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Regular database and Exadata health checks ensure you're maintaining optimum performance and patch levels. It's also free of charge!

Exadata Patching Services

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Whilst Oracle Platinum Support is a cost-free you get what you pay for! Explorer can triage patch plans or even take control of the full process to streamline and remove downtime and business interruption.

Storage optimisation

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The latest Exadata version is X8M and the single biggest leap forward in technical design since X2. Gone is Infiniband and in comes ROCE. Intel Persistent Memory also makes a debut and drastically improves performance over previous versions.

X8M Refresh

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At the same time, we install our performance monitoring software to gather performance information about specific Oracle workloads. Eg, Backup run times, query wait times.

Exadata Cloud at Customer

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ExaCC is different way of consuming Exadata on-premise but using OPEX and Cloud Credits to only pay for what you use. This model is proving particularly attractive to lower TCO by around 33% and as an alternative to moving wholesale to Oracle Public Cloud.

Still using Infiniband Exadata models? You won’t be for long…

Introducing: Exadata X8M

Exadata is a converged infrastructure solution that solves problems with Oracle Database performance, availability, scalability and recovery. 

Extreme Performance

The X8M introduces Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory[4] in DIMM form factor (not SSD) in combination with Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) technology to achieve 2.5x higher IOPS.

Low Latency Networking

100Gb/Sec RoCE internal network (up from 40Gb/Sec). Latency over the internal network fabric is 19 microseconds, which is a 10X improvement over the X8 Infiniband model.

High Ratio Consolidation

With greater performance comes the ability to consolidate more Database workloads and reduce the datacentre footprint. Pivoting to KVM also delivers 2x more guest VM memory, 50% more guest VMs per Server and faster network latency.

Not getting the most out of Exadata?

We can help.

Explorer can provide an Exadata Healthcheck service to identify how much value you are deriving from the platform. 

Performance might not be optimised or compression benefits might not be fully realised. Whatever it is, Explorer has the expertise to identify and remediate these issues.

Reduce your costs of running Oracle by 33%

Exadata has evolved over the last couple of years to being a platform for Database workloads that can be consumed anywhere and using multiple commercial models. 

Gone are the days when one would buy a fixed size Exadata and simply ship it to a chosen Datacentre. Now you can choose how you consume Exadata’s in a Hybrid Cloud model,100% Cloud native, or both. 

You can choose to consume a “slice” of Exadata using Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud services (yes, ATP and ADW are built on Exadata’s!) or you could go down the “Cloud at Customer” route where an appliance is still shipped to your DC but you pay for consumption using a Cloud model. 

Why? To give customers confidence that database workloads will run and operate in the same way on–premise and in the Cloud on identical platforms, without any risk of hardware incompatibility issues. No other hardware vendor has this ability.

Exadata Cloud at Customer Webinar. Register below.

Not ready for Cloud? Cloud Adjacency is the next best thing…

By leveraging our gold standard partnership with Equinix, we provide secure private cages with high security access control systems across a globally interconnected exchange of datacentre locations. 

When combined with the Equinix Cloud Exchange, companies are empowered to transition from legacy, individual, IT centralised architecture to one that is distributed and offers complete interconnection at the edge of Cloud Service Providers. 

Explorer, Equinix and Oracle have the unique advantage to wrap this into a low cost OPEX model and remove any barriers for multi and hybrid cloud adoption – we call this OCEAN. Oracle, Cloud, Enterprise Architecture & Networking. For more information on OCEAN click here.

Struggling with Exadata Storage? Offload tier 2 databases to ZFS and free up vital capacity

Exadata storage needs to be reserved for the most business critical database workloads; especially those that will maximise Exadata features such as Smart Scan and HCC. We call these workloads “Tier 1” databases. 

However, many customers also mix in Tier 2 databases that, whilst being important to the business, do not leverage Exadata features and therefore take up sought after storage capacity. 

This is like mixing a fine single malt with blended whiskey – you just don’t do it! Explorer recommend using ZFS storage, which has a drastically lower cost per TB than Exadata storage and still leverages HCC, for these Tier 2 databases whilst leaving the Exadata compute nodes in tact for simplicity and consistency. 

This design approach extends the life of Exadata storage and ensures maximum benefit for Tier 1 databases. ZFS is also ideal for local RMAN backups too! 

Contact us using the chat option below to discuss further if you would like more detail on the storage and networking design.

Key Take Aways

1. Explorer provide expert Exadata services

If you’re still using Oracle ACS for technical support or even managed services, we can reduce your costs by over 50%.

2. Consider a Cloud consumption model

Exadata Cloud at Customer could reduce your overall Oracle support costs by 33% – contact us to learn more.

3. Exadata is for life, not just for Christmas. Or is it? 

Investing in Exadata is a very purposeful decision and one that needs to deliver and continually deliver value back to the your business – but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same configuration. If you’re not realising the benefit of Exadata software such as Smart Scan, it might be time to consider alternatives, such as Oracle Database Appliance .

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