Premier Farnell

“Premier Farnell is a global distributer of electronic components with operations in 36 countries, across EMEA, the US, and APAC. Oracle Database, Middleware, and Applications, provided business critical functionality to Premier Farnell and for over 10 years the business had been running multiple Oracle Databases on commodity Intel servers and shared storage.

In 2018, Premier Farnell found it difficult to troubleshoot issues, due to their complex architecture and geographic sprawl. The hardware used was reaching the end of its useful life, performance was not optimal and improving customer experience was becoming an increasing challenge.”

Financial Services Organisation

“Explorer were recommended to us by Oracle for their expertise with Oracle Engineered Systems and the technology stack. Having assisted us with designing a new Database infrastructure for the business we were impressed with their level of knowledge and commercial flexibility to ensure that we implemented the right solution. Explorer is an extension of our resources within the business and is proving to be a valuable asset as we continue to implement Engineered Systems within the business.”

Lowri Beck

“Explorer is a valued partner to Lowri Beck and we have been working together for a number of years to maintain and improve Lowri Beck’s Oracle estate. As a business, we have contracts with a number of the UK’s top energy suppliers. As our business has grown, Oracle’s products and Explorer’s expertise have been critical factors in delivering highly available & reliable systems in support of these contracts. Explorer continues to be valuable and trusted partner, assisting the Lowri Beck Group to provide the excellent levels of service our clients demand. We continue to share Explorer’s enthusiasm for an Oracle engineered system architecture as this has proven to be the correct platform to meet the needs of the business.”