APEX Development

APEX Development

Explorer has been providing development services to our Oracle customers since 2000. Over this time period we have seen many new approaches to development, new technologies come and go, insightful and provocative approaches to new application development and, of course, the paradigm shift to new application deployment with cloud native applications.

What has remained though, as a constant through all of this change and evolution, is our absolute belief and confidence in PL/SQL and the Oracle Database. Back in Y2K, Explorer provided development and training services on PL/SQL centric development tools such as Oracle Forms and Reports because, well, they worked! Our customers had a much lower expectation on user experience and visual representation 15-20 years ago compared to today and the focus was on functionality and cost.

As time went on, our expectations of what a modern application development framework should be evolved in line with the evolution and adoption of modern web application development. It was time for a change. Explorer embraced Oracle Application Express (APEX) due to its simple architecture and shared DNA with Oracle Forms – PL/SQL.

Today, APEX continues to evolve and keep pace with the rapid pace of change that we find ourselves in; the continual emergence of new approaches to application development and deployments.

Explorer use APEX to develop visually stunning and highly functional database centric applications and we complement this development service with education and training services to #passtheknowledge and expand vibrant global community of APEX adopters. 

“I had the choice to evolve our development practice using any technology I preferred – I selected APEX because I could develop highly functional applications, which were and still are to this day, simple to deploy at a fraction of the time and cost than the equivalent development in other tools such as Java”
Simon Greenwood
Development Services Director