APEX Introduction

APEX Introduction

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is Oracle’s primary tool for Database and web application development. APEX enables organisations to build scalable and secure enterprise application, which can be deployed anywhere – Cloud and on-premise.

Low code development enables organisations to be more agile in their approach to development and provide greater consistency at a lower cost. APEX is a great example of a low code application development tool and it enables Explorer to deliver for our customers much quicker than alternative development tools.

Explorer has been using APEX since 2004 to develop professional business applications for global use cases. APEX adoption has exploded over recent years as it is a proven development tool for building database-centric applications, whilst also being open to REST data services via ORDS to expand functionality and integrate with other applications and microservices.

Because Application Express is so tightly integrated with the Database, the complexity of the application framework, including session management and security, are handled automatically allowing the developer to focus on delivering application functionality, which drastically reduces the development lifecycle and lowers cost.

APEX has a vibrant and ever expanding community of loyal developers. Many of them come from an Oracle Forms background, which many would say was the forerunner to APEX as they share the same DNA – PL/SQL. You can read more about our APEX solutions for Forms customers here.

APEX should be adopted by businesses that recognise the value of keeping costs down and simplifying technical solutions to deliver business requirements. Simply put, by using APEX you can develop complex systems at up to 1/4 of the time it takes for an equivalent Java deployment – with no loss in functionality. It’s stable, it scales and it’s secure.