Bespoke application development has been a core service we have been providing to our customers since 2000. Our tool of choice is Oracle Application Express (APEX) and we’ve developed hundreds of applications for customers in the UK and around the world for a multitude of use cases.

The need for bespoke development comes from the lack of packaged applications being available to fulfil a specific business purpose or service. Especially those that require an Oracle Database backend. Organisations struggle with a backlog of development and enhancement requests from existing applications, let alone providing development services to departments and user groups for discrete and specific use cases.

These applications are generally not “enterprise” apps and could rather be described as “opportunistic” but this doesn’t and shouldn’t diminish the value they bring to their intended audience. In fact, some of the most simple bespoke applications have developed has delivered more value to our customers than the most complex of ERP deployments.

Development practices have evolved over recent years too. Organisations and users expect rapid prototyping to get applications into production and demand a more agile approach to change requests and enhancements.

Explorer has built up an envious reputation of being the #1 APEX development consultancy in the UK. APEX gives us the advantage of developing applications extremely fast and taking a customer concept to working prototype in minutes – from defining new data structures through to visualising data and functionality. These applications can be enhanced even further by integrating the best of the web using Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) to declaratively build apps on top of any external data source.

Combine the low code and agile development benefits of APEX with the inherent capabilities of the Oracle Database and the practically limitless opportunities that REST data services offers and we have a unique development offering for customers looking to develop bespoke applications built on an Oracle Database stack.

Explorer provide development services on either a fixed cost or credit pool model. Each model provides flexibility and security, depending on how you prefer to use our development services. Each project will also be assigned a Project Manager and Service Delivery Coordinator to provide a professional wrap around service for all projects. For more information on our developer resource model, click here.

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