For more than thirty years, Oracle Forms has been one of the most widely used application development technologies.

Out of the box it’s non-responsive, using fixed coordinate-system positioning. New developers have the choice of more fashionable technologies with larger support pools, and those who have spent the majority of their careers using Forms are retiring.

For Oracle Forms users, the UX feels clunky and archaic, unlike common web applications, and training is usually needed to navigate the application, such as using function keys which are now a relic of pre-internet days.

So, if you want:

  • Apps to work on desktops, tablet, and smartphones
  • Deployment to external partners and customers
  • Simple web apps that everyone can use
  • Applications based upon web services, data sources or API’s
  • A growing development resource pool to maintain and enhance apps

Then, Oracle Application Express, or APEX, could be the answer.

Oracle APEX is the clear platform of choice for easily transitioning Oracle Forms applications to modern web apps. The same stored procedures and PL/SQL packages work natively in APEX, making it easy to redevelop.

There are many reasons why it’s argued to be the best alternative to Oracle Forms:

  • Both build from tables up, not from UI down
  • Both are designed to quickly build apps based on table definitions
  • Business logic implemented in the database can be called from either
  • Both are built on top of Oracle Database

(and can take advantage of database features like real application cluster, high availability, and security)

There are real world advantages to APEX modernization:

  • You can have fully productive APEX developers in weeks not months
  • There is no need to rewrite business logic already in the database
  • You can have both running the same database and objects
  • It runs on any Oracle database — on premise or in the cloud
  • You can build modern Web apps your end users will love to use

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Oracle Forms – The venerable statesman with a cloudy future

Introduction to APEX

The Oracle Forms Inspector

Based on a wealth of historic Forms Redevelopment projects, Explorer have created a tool, The Oracle Forms Inspector, which has been designed to estimate the investment needed to deploy APEX applications.

With The Oracle Forms Inspector, Forms are uploaded and inspected to gather statistics, such as the number of canvases, blocks, items, and lines of PL/SQL.

Statistics are used to assign a Low to High Complexity rating, representing a number of development days. The metrics used to size each form can be tuned for each Project.


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