Oracle APEX for Reporting

Oracle APEX for Reporting

For many years the tool of choice has been Oracle Discoverer which is a tool-set for ad-hoc querying, reporting, data analysis, and Web-publishing for the Oracle Database environment. For larger organisations with more complex querying and analysis workloads, the alternative has been Oracle Business Intelligence. For everyone else, its spreadsheets, which cannot really be classed as a data reporting tool due it being a siloed datasheet with limited functionality, minimum security and is impossible to scale.

Discoverer has become out-dated due to its poor user interface, and Oracle Premier Support has also ended meaning it’s becoming more costly to support and manage. Oracle BI is cost prohibitive for many organisations that do not use OBI EE to take advantage of its rich but complex features. The solution: Oracle Application Express.

One of the most powerful features of APEX is the interactive report, which is a well-established feature leveraged by many who use APEX. Once a report is created an end user can easily modify it to meet their needs, within controlled boundaries, or export the report to a multitude of file types like PDF, .csv or word.

Many different report types with different styles can be created using simple to use wizards and previewed in a web browser before they are released to the user. Reports can also be bespoke to each user’s login based on the datasets they have access to, which again makes the administration and on-going support far simpler.

APEX provides rich end-user content for reporting, fast query response times and a platform to develop dashboards and generate automatic outputs.  It’s robust, easy to use and is easy to administer…all from a tool that is free to use!

To learn more about APEX and how your organisation can benefit from data reporting. Click on the images below to see examples of the different ways APEX can report data: