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Explorer is the UK’s leading Oracle APEX Development Consultancy. Our team of skilled Oracle APEX developers, backed by a team of technical consultants with a broad range of expertise with Oracle technology, work to design, develop, deploy and support APEX applications for our customers. By taking a holistic view of application design & development, we offer much more value than using an independent contractor.
“For years, we’ve hired contractors for discrete development projects but when we were unable to secure our usual resource we approached Explorer. We get access to a team of developers, rather than one, the day rates are competitive and the output is greatly improved compared to what we’re used to.” Development Manager

March 2016

No matter how complex the requirement, our team can translate some of the most intricate and multifaceted business requirements into simple applications specifications for development and implementation. With our extensive experience with Oracle technology, we are unrivalled in our ability to ensure that we deliver the very best solution possible.

#1 APEX Developers: 

We’re highly regarded in the APEX community for our development expertise, and we’re at the cutting edge of APEX implementations.

It’s all about the Service:
Backed by a team of Service Delivery Coordinators, each project is managed end-to-end with absolute precision; maximising the value of your investment and reducing development lifecycles.

Consistent resource:
The most positive feedback Explorer gets from our customers is that we are consistent and available – a resource that does not go away if we secure another contract.

Is it expensive?

No! it will cost you less than hiring an independent consultant; especially when you factor in our level of expertise, service delivery, availability and access to a wider team of skilled consultants. That’s why we give you the choice of how you want to fund your project. Letting you choose between:

Fixed Project Price: 

Our most popular scheme, we’ll agree on a detailed project specification and deliver it to a fixed budget. Control your costs and delivery time.

Credit Pool:
A favourite with IT teams who simply need to dip in and out of our skill set. Pre-pay a Credit Pool and draw down as and when required with minimum notice. Works well when we need to work collaboratively with an internal development team.

Are you looking for Oracle APEX Development services?

Are you looking for Oracle APEX Development services?


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