The Future of Oracle Forms is APEX

Upgrade and replace Oracle Forms with Application Express. 

Explorer specialises in Oracle development, and we have an award winning team.

Our development team is cheaper than contractors, and you have access to our wider team over the long term – we’re not going away!

We provide the best APEX training available in the UK. And, over the last year or so there has been a growing interest from the Oracle Forms community to investigate alternative solutions to address the issue of improving legacy Forms applications. Using Oracle Application Express is becoming the standard approach to this challenge, and you can read why in our blogs here.

Now that you’re interested in looking at APEX as a solution to address this challenge there are a number of questions to ask yourself next;

  1. Who should I work with if I don’t have any development resources?
  2. Should I hire a contractor?
  3. How do I get my development team trained up on APEX?

What Explorer can do for you…

We’re APEX developers through and through. But guess what – all our developers were once Forms developers! We know what we’re talking about when it comes to redeveloping Forms applications in APEX and we work with our customers in a few different ways;

  • We’re not just a team of developers – Explorer is one of the leading Oracle Platinum Partners in the UK, and we are award winners. By working with Explorer, you get access to technical consultants, expert developers, project managers, analysts and a 24/7 support team to rely on.
  • Credit Pool or Fixed Price Development – much like employing a contractor where you get a low day rate cost to use Explorer as a dedicated development resource. The benefit of using Explorer instead of employing a contractor is that you get access to a whole team of developers and consultants instead of just one contractor. You get continuity of service and backup resource to rely on for years to come.
  • APEX workshops and training – learn APEX from the experts and then take on the development yourselves. Of all the customers we have trained at Explorer to use APEX over the last 10 years it’s the Oracle Forms developers who have gained the most. Following training, we will provide regular checkpoints throughout the development to provide guidance and make sure you’re getting the most out of APEX. For more information about our APEX training services click here.

Are you looking for Oracle APEX Development services?

Are you looking for Oracle APEX Development services?


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