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Why is APEX becoming the Oracle development tool of choice?

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Oracle Application Express (APEX) is Oracle’s primary tool for Database and web application development. APEX is a no-cost feature of all Editions of the Oracle Database to build web based applications using SQL and PL/SQL. Explorer has been using APEX since 2004 to develop enterprise-grade applications, and we’ve seen adoption explode over recent years to become the de-facto tool of choice by customers looking for results FAST!

We develop with Oracle APEX because it lets us quickly build bespoke applications at low cost, enabling us to address the requirements of our customers, such as;

  • Replacing legacy Oracle Forms applications
  • Developing new bespoke applications for the Cloud
  • Building Interactive and static data reports
  • Extending Oracle E-Business Suite with new functionality (on-premise & SaaS)

APEX is adopted by businesses that recognise the value of keeping costs down and simplifying technical solutions to deliver business requirements. Simply put, by using APEX you can develop complex systems at up to 1/4 of the time it takes for an equivalent Java deployment – with no loss of functionality. It’s stable, it scales, and it’s secure while exploiting all the features of the Oracle Database.

Are you looking for Oracle APEX Development services?

Are you looking for Oracle APEX Development services?


Loading Excel into APEX 19.1

Loading Excel Into APEX Applications Update Back in December 2017 I presented at Tech17 and published a blog outlining a number of options for loading Excel data into APEX applications (see Options For Loading Excel Data Into APEX Applications). One of the findings...

Making Your APEX App Safer

APEX uses the best of the modern web to create native web applications; unfortunately, this also brings modern vulnerabilities that we always need to be aware of. To protect applications, APEX has a number of in-built security features available to prevent SQL...

Choosing the Right Report and Features to Give Your Users When Presenting Data in an APEX Application

At a conference some time ago I was asked a question on enabled options on reports in an APEX application with regards what built-in functions should be enabled for the users. When I started thinking about the topic, I realised that the answer isn’t as simple as it...

Calling PLSQL from Javascript

For those who came from an Oracle Forms world it is very easy to start working with APEX. When creating simple screens, you don’t need any jQuery or AJAX knowledge as dynamic actions help you. However, there comes a point where applications get more complex and we...

Creating an Online Leaderboard in APEX

In my spare time I like to play around with creating video games in technologies other than Oracle (!).  I recently created a game for an online community that I participate in and I was asked whether I could create a leader board to go with it.  I had never done this...

APEX Report Performance

Recently at the UKOUG TECH18 Conference I gave a presentation entitled ‘Choosing the Right Report & Features to Give your Users when Presenting Data in an APEX Application’ which you can read more about here. During the presentation, one of the common problems...

Making an APEX Wizard Clickable

Recently I was at the Tech 18 conference in Liverpool where I went to an APEX presentation by Adrian Trotman on the power of lists. During his presentation (which was good by the way), he gave out a challenge to the room. He asked if anyone could make the wizard list...

The Numerous Options for APEX 18.1 Interactive Grid Validations

I’ve written a number of blogs lately; however the one I am quite fond of is the one I did on Client Side Validations back in 2017. I look favourably back on this because it piqued my interest of what APEX is capable of in this area. I purposely omitted Interactive...

UK OUG Tech18 APEX State Of The Union

If, like me, you attended UK OUG’s Tech18 conference at ACC Liverpool  and have a particular interest in Application Express, you may well have attended Joel Kallman’s “State Of The Union” address. This blog is a review of Joel’s presentation, and of the key messages...

Application Archive for Presentations

For my Tech18 presentation ‘The Numerous options for APEX 18.1 Interactive Grid Validation” I needed to prepare a deck of slides and a demo APEX application in which I can quickly switch to. During rehearsals I need to place the APEX application in its “starting...
Development Problem APEX Solution
Java is overkill for the projects I need to deliver. We look at the “big picture” of any project we work on to make sure that both technical and development deliverables are achieved with multi-faceted accountability.
I need to lower the cost of Oracle development. Faster development times and rapid developer adoption means lower cost and earlier deployment.
I need to minimise the cost of Oracle Licensing. APEX is a no-cost feature of all Editions of the Oracle Database and can be deployed with no cost middleware components like Tomcat and Glassfish.
Oracle Forms is no longer our strategic development tool, and I need an alternative. APEX should be the preferred development tool for any Oracle developer with PL/SQL experience as it allows them to develop modern Web 2.0 applications by leveraging their existing development expertise.
I need to replace Oracle Discoverer with a modern reporting platform. APEX is the perfect solution for replacing Discoverer and enhance reporting visuals, dashboard content and output.
How can I develop mobile applications without ADF? To support mobile application development, Oracle Application Express incorporates jQuery Mobile to deploy compact yet functional applications in a browser.
How can I develop bespoke applications to integrate Oracle E-Business Suite? Fully supported by Oracle, APEX is ideal for developing bespoke EBS modules.
Spreadsheets are taking over my department, and I need an alternative solution. APEX is a great solution to consolidate spreadsheets, improve data quality and security, reduce duplication and administration and enhance functionality.


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