How to Reduce Your Oracle Costs

Your organisation relies on Oracle technology to underpin key applications so it’s likely that your investments over the years now represent a significant proportion of annual spend to large vendors like Oracle. Now is the time organisations are looking at cost reduction or at the very least cost control to prevent unbudgeted spend over the next 12 months. 

Explorer helps organisations just like yours to do this and we use very specific and time proven approaches that enable organisations to reduce their Oracle costs.

There are 4 key areas to focus on with cost reduction as detailed here:

Right size contracts and replace

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Right sizing contracts allows you to identify what Oracle software you need now, compared to years ago. We can then replace current contracts with new.

Software asset management

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Software Asset Management will allow us to ensure you stay compliant and to put the correct controls in place to prevent compliance issues from occurring.

Infrastructure optimisation

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Infrastructure optimisation allows us to reduce the amount of licenses required. Cloud credits could also completely replace your licenses.

Operational efficency

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Our Managed Services and Consulting Services are around 50% the cost of Oracle ACS or other consulting partners.

The most beneficial approach that can yield the most savings is replacing all your Oracle contracts with new licensing agreements. 

Over time, the existing contracts you have are retired and we demonstrate a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than maintaining the current contracts.

Effective Software Asset Management is crucial for larger organisations that uses Oracle extensively across a sprawling IT landscape. It’s in these environments where non-compliance risks are most often identified and the most difficult to contain. The solution? Identify, contain and consolidate. 

For more information about our SAM licenses go to our dedicate page here.

Infrastructure optimisation and consolidation is way of reducing the total amount of Oracle licenses required as well as the associated support costs. By leveraging Oracle Engineered Systems and Trusted Partitions, you only have to license the cores where you run the software rather than licensing the entire Server. 

Moving workloads to the Cloud also enables you to remove entire lines of support costs as Oracle offer a “license included” Cloud model that reduces your TCO significantly. For more information about Cloud, visit our dedicated page here.

Finally, operational efficiency is another area where Explorer can reduce your costs using a combination of our Managed Services and Consultancy Services. You might be using Oracle ACS or a large systems integrator for consulting services or even managed services for patching or general support. 

Explorer have continually demonstrated to be at least 50% of the cost of these providers whilst also providing more value. For more information about our Services capabilities, visit our dedicated page here.