Oracle Forms to APEX

Modernise Oracle Forms Using Oracle APEX

Experienced Oracle Forms to APEX Consultants

Oracle Forms was developed in an analogue world and with COVID-19 accelerating digital transformation, now is the time to consider the present, and future, of Oracle Database Development – APEX.

Why continue to pay support for Oracle Forms when it continues to fall behind other rapid application development tools, such as APEX?

At Explorer we are extremely experienced in analysing Oracle Forms applications and helping clients build new APEX applications which leverage their existing code.


The World Around Oracle Forms Has Changed

The Benefits For Your Application

Oracle APEX is the clear platform of choice for easily transitioning Oracle Forms applications to modern web apps. 

The same stored procedures and PL/SQL packages work natively in APEX, making it easy to redevelop.

Why APEX Is The Best Oracle Forms Alternative

The Oracle Forms Inspector

Based on a wealth of historic Forms Redevelopment projects, Explorer have created a tool, The Oracle Forms Inspector, which has been designed to estimate the investment needed to deploy APEX applications.

With The Oracle Forms Inspector, Forms are uploaded and inspected to gather statistics, such as the number of canvases, blocks, items, and lines of PL/SQL.

Statistics are used to assign a Low to High Complexity rating, representing a number of development days. The metrics used to size each form can be tuned for each Project.