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Oracle license management is a complex and often emotional topic, especially if you have been on the wrong side of Oracle’s famously aggressive audit. However, the good news is that Explorer provides an extremely valuable service to Oracle customers, providing protection and expert advice, ensuring all non-compliance exposures are mitigated, and your organisation pivots to a “value” based conversation with Oracle rather than a compliance one.


It all starts with effective and continual discovery of what Oracle software is deployed. The rest comes down to expertise, domain knowledge and effective communication with the correct parties inside Oracle. To book a demonstration of Explorer’s discovery and reporting tools for Oracle Audits, complete the form. 

We offer the following services:​


Oracle on VMware Rules have relaxed!

Over the last 12 months Oracle have allowed customers to design isolated Oracle deployments on VMware by following specific rules as laid out in the guidance document here.

DSP Explorer have experience though this journey to ensure compliance and protecting unbudgeted costs.

For more information click on the document to the right to download your copy.

Explorer has a long history of providing best value licenses to our customers; providing complementary services and guaranteeing compliance. 

Architectures, virtualisation, Cloud and constant changes to Oracle’s licensing policies mean that Explorer’s Oracle License Management Services are essential for any organisation using Oracle technology and has proven to save our customers millions of pounds!


Explorer is part of Oracle’s GLAS Programme in the UK. Meaning we are among a small selection of organisations certified by Oracle LMS (License Management Services) to provide authoritative advice on licensing.

To do this, we follow our time proven methodology to analyse what you need, what you own and what you’re using (with the latter two not always being the same!):

Many customers can unintentionally put themselves into non-compliant situations when re-architecting, especially when using virtualisation or Cloud platforms like AWS & Azure. If you feel at risk and would like to discuss our License Advisory Services further, please get in touch. 


Oracle Licensing

This webinar is an expansion to the already covered basic knowledge of Oracle Licensing and includes topics such as; VMware isolation, updates to Oracle’s term licenses, cost reduction ideas, and customer examples.


(banner) Beware! Term Licenses removed!

Oracle Term licenses have now been removed. Term licenses have been used extensively over the years for projects with limited lifespans or by ISV’s to mirror customer contracts.

1 Year term licenses are still available but they have restricted the list of technology products available to order as a 1 year term to the following. Notable products missing from the list include Database Lifecycle Management Pack, Cloud Management Pack, Data Masking and ODI.

To learn more about what this means for you get in touch.

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