Free Proof of Concept: Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA)

ZDLRA Proof of Concept

The Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA) eliminates the risk of failed Database recovery and protects data when it is needed the most

Many organisations think they have an adequate Database backup strategy but fail to comprehensively audit recovery procedures or confidently document recovery times. For those organisations, there is likely to be a high amount of risk around Database recovery and if it has not become a boardroom level issue, it soon will be.

PoC Steps to Success

Discovery Session

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We meet with you to discuss your Oracle infrastructure, backup strategy, recovery processes and business expectations.

Gather Benchmark Stats

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We will assess Database recovery and audit the processes, technology and documentation in place.

Delivery And Installation

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Our ZDLRA will be delivered to your site, fully insured, along with a technical consultant to begin installation and configuration.

ODA Benchmark

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Once Databases have been set for backup, Explorer will demonstrate the recovery appliance procedure of recovery and compare with stats from stage 2.