Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud Services were designed to continue the evolution and simplification of IT in and around the Oracle Database. Autonomous is for organisations looking to completely modernise the way they do business with end users or for departments looking for dedicated applications and database stacks for specific workloads.

In other words, thinking differently about how to consume Oracle Database technology and remove the “heavy lifting” from deploying, managing, securing and maintaining Cloud Databases.

Explorer’s own adoption of Autonomous Database Cloud Service revolves around developing and deploying highly performant, secure and scalable bespoke applications. Using Oracle Application Express (APEX) with Oracle Autonomous Cloud Services simplifies the application stack for cloud deployments and provides a self–contained environment with less moving parts.

This is particularly useful when the Autonomous Databases are patched for security updates, because the applications developed in APEX are a component of the database, therefore removing any risks around configurations and compatibility. For more information on Oracle Application Express, click here.

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Moving to the Cloud: A Developer’s Perspective

As a developer I didn’t have to learn anything new to migrate to and work in the Cloud, I just changed the URL I was using to access the application builder. “

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