Explorer provide Proof of Concept services to our customers for free because we realise that all customers are different and each Oracle workload will have its own unique set of nuances, regardless of its size. This means it’s almost impossible to know to what scale of improvement any new technology adoption might bring to your organisation.

To solve this problem, Explorer invests heavily in our own proof of concept infrastructure solutions, both on-premise and in the cloud, to provide customers with evidentiary support on the improvements certain Oracle technology brings.  

Our Proof of Concepts include:

  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • Exadata
  • Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
  • ZFS Storage
  • Oracle Cloud – OCI & PaaS Services
  • Oracle Autonomous Cloud Services
  • Oracle Management Cloud

5 Step Process

   1 Discovery
We assess your current and future requirements and agree POC success criteria.
   2 Benchmark
We take a snapshot of workloads for comparison against the new environments. This is often performance related benchmarks.
   3 Installation/Provisioning
We either deliver and install the POC unit or we provision the cloud environments along with highly skilled and dedicated consultant resources.
   4 Re-Benchmark
We then replay the captured workloads against the new POC units or Cloud services.

Analysis & Report
inally, we analyse the improvements – both tangible and soft benefits – and create a report that justifies the value of the new infrastructure and/or cloud services being considered.

Free Proof of Concepts

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