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Oracle’s portfolio of infrastructure solutions covers both on-premise and cloud technology. In a world where more and more organisations are looking to the Cloud for new infrastructure environments, it’s actually Oracle’s on-premise infrastructure technology that continues to make up the vast majority of Explorer’s customer deployments in 2019.

Oracle Engineered Systems are class-leading infrastructure solutions often referred to as Oracle Converged Infrastructure or Hyper Converged Infrastructure due to the way Oracle have engineered the software and hardware stack together for specific workloads and use cases. For example, Oracle’s Engineered System for Database workloads is Exadata. Explorer has an unrivalled capability amongst Oracle Partners in the UK and is accredited to provide a wide range of services from installation through to continual optimisation and managed services.

Explorer’s professional services cover a wide range of Oracle Engineered Systems including Oracle Database Appliance, Exadata, ZFS Storage Appliance, Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance and Oracle Cloud at Customer.

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Engineered Systems Services

Our Engineered Systems services catalogue covers Design & Readiness, Deployment & Optimisation and On-going support services.