Generic Infrastructure Gives You Generic Results

Exadata is a converged infrastructure solution that solves problems with Oracle Database performance, availability, scalability and recovery. Originally released in 2008, Exadata was actually an “alliance” solution between Oracle and Hewlett Packard and an example of how many converged infrastructure solutions are still created today. Fast forward to today and over 10,000 units have been shipped globally and 86% of the Fortune Global 100 use Exadata to underpin their mission critical database workloads.

There are many different reasons why you might need to investigate Exadata further – hardware refreshes or standardisation, exponential data and business growth, cost reductions or greater business demand for resilience and security to name just a few. What all customers all have in common though is an appreciation that Exadata is not just any old piece of tin and there is a compelling reason to invest in a platform that, above all else, provides extreme performance.

10 minute introduction to the latest Exadata model: X8M

“The Exadata Smart Scan feature has been the main factor in reducing price load times without any change to program code.  The high-performance storage, with its flash cache, means IO performance is dramatically improved for the databases.  

The ZFS storage appliance that was also implemented and, along with Exadata, has helped reduce backup and restore times considerably and even helped reduce the size of the backup files due to the native compression of the ZFS.” 

Steve Wright, Head Of Platform Engineering

Premier Farnell

Exadata adoption is consistent across different industries

No matter what organisation you are you can be sure you to find comparable organisations to yours that are benefiting from running Oracle databases on Exadata.

Introducing: Exadata X8M

Exadata X8M is Oracle’s flagship Database-centric Engineered System designed for extreme performance; coming from Exadata-specific optimizations, including Smart Flash cache, Smart Scan, Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC), Flash Storage and ROCE for low latency, high bandwidth data transfer.

Available in eighth, quarter, half, and full rack configurations with a choice of high capacity or flash storage. Exadata is especially well-suited for demanding OLTP workloads, in-memory workloads, large-scale database consolidations and multi-rack data warehouses.

Extreme Performance

The X8M introduces Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory[4] in DIMM form factor (not SSD) in combination with Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) technology to achieve 2.5x higher IOPS.

Low Latency Networking

100Gb/Sec RoCE internal network (up from 40Gb/Sec). Latency over the internal network fabric is 19 microseconds, which is a 10X improvement over the X8 Infiniband model.

High Ratio Consolidation

With greater performance comes the ability to consolidate more Database workloads and reduce the datacentre footprint. Pivoting to KVM also delivers 2x more guest VM memory, 50% more guest VMs per Server and faster network latency.

Want to learn more? Try it for yourself…

Explorer realises that all customers are different and each Oracle workload will have its own unique set of nuances, regardless of its size. This means it’s almost impossible to know what scale Exadata can improve performance. The key is to try it in your datacentre with your applications, which to date has been extremely difficult and costly to achieve for customers – both logistically and technically. To remedy this, Explorer’s own Exadata is available for onsite Proof of Concepts with zero associated costs.

Discovery Session

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We meet with you to discuss your Oracle infrastructure, performance issues, business challenges and future business requirements.

Gather Benchmark Stats

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At the same time, we install our performance monitoring software to gather performance information about specific Oracle workloads. Eg, Backup run times, query wait times.

Delivery And Installation

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An Exadata X5 will be delivered to your site, fully insured, along with our Exadata consultant to begin installation and configuration.

Exadata Benchmark

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Using the same tool that gathered performance information about your current Database hardware, Explorer will repeat the benchmark on Exadata and capture like-for-like performance information.

Produce Report

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Explorer will document the findings using facts and figures gathered throughout the PoC and share with you to form the basis of an internal business case for procurement.

Architecture Review​

Architecture Reviews are well received by our customers because they provides instant value and are free! We often find that customers experience problems with their Oracle environment that cannot be pinpointed or rapidly resolved, or indeed if it is identified, there is not the resource available to the customer to remedy the issue quickly enough. Explorer solves this problem by providing a service that is free and gives customers insight and definitive guidance into the recommended solutions to resolve any identified problem.

We align your strategy, current and future objectives to what we find and address any obstacles that prevent you from achieving your business goals. Our technical consultants spend a minimum of 1 day on site gathering information about multiple topics and compile a report with recommendations on the necessary adjustments to optimise your Oracle estate and prevent issues from re-occurring.

Key Take Aways

1. Explorer is the #1 Exadata Partner in the UK

We can help you with sizing, proof of concepts, technical workshops, business case and return on investment justification

2. Our extensive portfolio of services is unrivalled

You can trust Explorer to design, implement and manage your Oracle estate with minimal business interruption, if any, and at a lower cost compared to Oracle directly

3. You can consume Exadata anywhere

Exadata is available on-premise, in Oracle Public Cloud or a combination of both using Exadata Cloud at Customer. All three options have a low cost of entry and enable you to scale your business.

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