The Value of ODA

The value of Oracle Database Appliance

ODA has rapidly become a viable alternative to Exadata for databases that don’t need extreme performance

Your organisation might be running Oracle databases that don’t need the extreme performance gains that Exadata provides so what are your options? Generic infrastructure gives you generic results and you still have the cost, complexity and supportability issues to contend with when you go down a DIY approach with 3rd party hardware vendors. There is another option…

Oracle Engineered Systems are a range of hardware appliances designed to address different business problems or objectives. The entry level member of this group is the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA). There is actually a family of ODA models ranging from single node to a High Availability models to meet the varying demands your organisation has, such as;

Each ODA is a self-contained appliance of Compute, Storage, Networking and Software to create a converged infrastructure solution as an alternative to commodity infrastructure. Converged infrastructure has a place in the data centre when there is a proven benefit of either support, performance, security or cost. The ODA family addresses each of these with a sensible price point that should be attractive to most Oracle customers.

Each ODA model features Capacity on Demand, which is a method of only enabling the number of cores needed, thus reducing the number of Database Licenses required for any given deployment. The benefit of this to customers is that you don’t have the license the entire Server and in a time when Servers are now shipping with at least a dozen cores, there are considerable savings to achieve with ODA versus commodity tin.

ODA is available for a Proof of Concept. Just our other POC services the ODA is available free of charge and can be installed at a site of your choice for performance bench marketing and operational testing.   

PoC Steps to Success

Discovery Session

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We meet with you to discuss your Oracle infrastructure, performance issues, business challenges and future business requirements.

Gather Benchmark Stats

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At the same time, we install our performance monitoring software to gather performance information about specific Oracle workloads. Eg, Backup run times, query wait times.

Delivery And Installation

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ODA delivery and installation. An ODA will be delivered to your site, fully insured, along with our ODA consultant to begin installation and configuration.

ODA Benchmark

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Using the same tool that gathered performance information about your current Database hardware, Explorer will repeat the benchmark on ODA and capture like-for-like performance information.

Produce Report

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Explorer will document the findings using facts and figures gathered throughout the PoC and share with you to form the basis of an internal business case for procurement.