What is the future of Oracle Forms?

Oracle Forms has been a very stable product and is probably the largest middleware support revenue stream for Oracle worldwide. However, the following means you should probably be looking to redevelop any Oracle Forms applications sooner rather than later:

  • Browsers de-supporting Java
  • Costly and complex operational support
  • Costly support renewals to Oracle
  • An evolving user base no longer satisfied with just client server style screens and who base “what good looks like” against the Googles and Facebooks of the internet world
  • Changing business models and consumption behaviour from on-premise implementations to a Cloud (SaaS) mindset
  • An ever decreasing “Forms-first” developer skillset making staff retention and new employment difficult and expensive.

Read more: https://explorer.co.uk/oracle-forms-venerable-statesman-cloudy-future/

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